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Meet The Team: Vernon Davis

With a city fire department, and military background, it was a happy occurrence that Robert Yarbrough and Brady Devereaux happened to be purchasing at Bass Pro the day Vernon Davis was on shift. And so his story with First in Rescue, Safety and Training begins close to five years ago this November.

Vernon, is one of the few individuals that looks for you to complete training, and any other prerequisite needed for any particular job site. He likes to have his ducks in a row and wants nothing to interfere with him completing his tasks. He's made fast friends with some of our best instructors Brady Devereaux and Wayland Kelley, they are proud to call him friend and also proud of the level of skill he has reached since working at FIRST and accompanying them as an assistant for numerous classes. When asking Brady and Kelley about Vernon for this article, there were a few "did you hear about the time he..." and they'd break into laughter and story. Only the truest of friends are able to laugh at and with one another. They had more serious complements you'll read later.

Currently Vernon is now one of our lead instructors, a rescue supervisor and also works on ERT projects. He truly is the sort that does it all, whatever the job he's your man. Always eager to learn and to pass on the knowledge he has to others. He stated "I enjoy teaching others the trade...".

Vernon we want to thank you for your flexibility, skill, and for teaching others on the team and in the classroom!


What do you appreciate about FIRST?: "What I appreciate about FIRST is having the opportunity to grow within the company. I've been afforded the chance to really make a difference in the industry and with my coworkers...Thanks FIRST!"

Outside of work what is most important to you?: "Outside of work what's most important to me is my faith, my kids, and my family."

From The Team

"For him being here for a relatively short time, he has the passion for rescue work that a 25 year veteran would. He's eager to learn, and he works both sides of the field. So he brings experience to the table. He'll do it all, whatever needs to be done. He does whatever it takes to be a good FIRST family member. He's a good friend and a hell of a guy to work with!" - Brady Devereaux

"He's crazy, funny, he's always got something going. He's a good person" - Robert Yarbrough

"He can talk a lot, (laughs) he's a swell lad, good guy, thorough, attentive to students. Polite and caring. What I mean is, he really takes time to help each individual student in class. He's patient. I appreciate seeing that in him." - Wayland Kelley

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