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Meet the Team: Paul Maldonado

"He's quiet until you get to know him!" noted one former team mate about today's featured employee Apolonio Maldonado or Paul. Paul always has a smile, and cracks jokes, though quietly, so if you're not paying attention, you might miss it! He said of himself, "I joke around a lot, everybody's my friend."

Really he's like most people, he said he enjoys spending time outdoors, floating on the river or hanging out around a bonfire with friends. But when I asked him about work, his eyes lit up. He said "I love doing rescue work, love hanging from ropes, your life is always on the line." Paul also works for the Wharton Fire Department, so I guess you could say putting his life on the line and doing rescue work is in his blood.

He's been with the company for about five years now and has put a lot of work into his rescue skills and becoming a rescue supervisor. He's an easy going sort, who loves what he does. Who doesn't need more employee's like that? Paul we're happy to have you on the team, thanks for your great example and all you do!


What do you appreciate about F.I.R.S.T?: "Its a good company, everybody's friendly. There's a good work vibe here..."

Outside of work what's most important to you?: "My family and friends. One of my sons wants to follow in my footsteps, he wants to be a fire fighter like his dad. My one year old is still deciding on his future career."

What is something we should know about your role as a Rescue Supervisor?: "As supervisor you are worried not only about your team but also the other contractors [that are on the job]. Its a big responsibility, you have a lot to overlook."

From the Team

"It's always nice having Paul on your team. He's very knowledgeable and when he's on your team you just know everything is going to be smooth sailing." Jacob Gomez -

"I appreciate the fact that Paul takes pride in making sure his dailies are completed with all the correct information. In the five months that I've been with FIRST, I can honestly say I've never had a problem with Paul's paperwork... When Paul is not on the job and working at the shop, he is so respectful and always asking is there something he can help me with. Thank you Paul for being an EXCEPTIONAL employee!" Derica Toussaint -

In asking Paul about his team and who he typically worked with, he reminisced about the "dream team", which included former work mate Cole Koonce, who also made today's opening statement with a laugh. Alex Romero was present and quick to agree "Paul is quiet, until you get to know him!". Cole further commented " Having him on my crew was always a good thing. He's a good guy, hard worker, fast learner. He's great comedic relief!".

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