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Meet the Team: Mason Creager

He's an Aggie and a Dallas Cowboys fan, but we wont hold that against him... much. All jokes aside, there are so many good things we can say about Mason Creager.

As mentioned before he recently graduated from A&M, the world was his oyster, he had other career opportunities, but he chose F.I.R.S.T. and we are happy he did. He comes into the office with a positive, realistic approach. When you are talking to Mason, you have his full attention. His goal is to help problem solve anything that maybe hindering your role in the company. It's clear from listening to him he cares about the welfare of the employee's that work here.

Being part of the Creager family it's no surprise he has a love for music. Even performing, he said "there's nothing like being on stage, its indescribable..." But, however, being a Creager, does not mean entitlement. Mason has very much so earned the respect he has here. We are happy to work alongside him and appreciate what he does for the team.

Mason we all kid and joke around a lot, but seriously, thank you for your support and commitment to the team, we couldn't be happier to have you!


What do you appreciate about FIRST?: "It's a family owned and operated company, being part of the Creager family, it's a different sort of motivation. There's a responsibility we feel towards our employees and their livelihood. This demands a lot of my attention but I'm excited about it!"

Outside of work what is most important to you?: "My family, and since I'm soon to be married, my evolving family too. I want to make sure I spend time on my faith and my family."

From the Team

"Mason has come into FIRST with a good attitude, and he is a hard worker. There's a stigma that hangs around companies who hire family, people wonder if they'll be entitled and not really work. Mason has shown from day one that was not going to happen. He also brings a voice of reason, bridging management and employee's. "

-Brad Hawthorne

"If there is anyone who has passion in their work, it's Mason. Not only is he dedicated to his work, he is personable with open ears to any new ideas employee's have. His openness and drive for FIRST is what makes him a great leader. I am lucky enough to call him my favorite co-worker and my Fiance. He is the Jim to my Pam. "

- Maegan Booth

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