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Meet the Team: Mark Luna

"I like studying, I like learning new things, being productive, and working around the house..."

It's become an art form today for many individuals to see how they can get-by with doing the minimum. But people like Mark Luna stand out as different. In today's opening comments he shared with us how he prefers to stay busy and remain productive.

He said when he's not working he's studying or training, recently obtaining a blue belt in Jujitsu, also completing his first 1/2 marathon two weeks ago. He said "I love being outdoors, and all sports even the ones I don't play as much like tennis. I like spending time with my friends playing basketball, football, it doesn't matter which sport it is."

Mark Luna has been with F.I.R.S.T. for about two years now as one of our Fire Extinguisher Supervisors and Rescue Technicians, at our Corpus Christi location. Last week his manager JC Dykes, reached out to us, requesting that Mark and team mate Jeremy Irby be recognized for a job well done! One of our customers recently commended them saying " You have a very dedicated team, and [they] are very professional in the way they present themselves. You should be very proud to have such fine representatives of your company" . We know what a great team we have but it's nice when others see it too. Mark we know that you were a big part in receiving this compliment, thank you and your team for the work that you do!


What do you appreciate about F.I.R.S.T.?: "One of the things I like about F.I.R.S.T. is the management and team of people I'm put on jobs with. The office I work out of (Corpus Christi) is small but I feel this attribute has allowed our team to truly grow with one another. Often times we are put on jobs with the same team over and over but not once have they ever made me feel like I'd rather be somewhere else. Our competitiveness and willingness to train, teach, and learn new things from new people gives F.I.R.S.T. an edge and pushes us to feed off of each other's achievements and milestones. I just wouldn't be me without my mates by my side."

Outside of work what is most important to you?: "The most important thing to me (next to my soon-to-be wife, April) would definitely be my continuing education. I'm studying Mechanical Engineering here in Corpus Christi and am currently halfway through a two year program ending with an Associate's Degree. The experience so far has been full of math but lucky for me it is my strong suit. I will continue to study until I've reached a Bachelor's Degree. "

From the Team

" Mark Luna has been a phenomenal employee. He brings a dedication and attention to detail that is commensurate with his work as a United States Marine. Between being a Rescue Tech, Fire Extinguisher Supervisor, and running the Fire Extinguisher division in Corpus Christi, he brings a steady hand and a critical eye to all aspects of the task. When Mark is assigned to a job, I have no doubt that it will be taken care of 100%. We are lucky to have him. "

- Andrew Hackett

" He does a good job, everyone is happy. He's quiet, easy going a quick learner and likes a challenge. Mark is the kind of employee every employer wishes they had. He's loyal, dependable and never says no. "

- JC Dykes

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