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Meet the Team: Maegan Booth

When people have as many talents as today's team member does, it can be a challenged to stay grounded. Not so with Maegan Booth, our Human Resources administrator. Maegan is one of the most down-to-earth, yet professional individuals you'll ever meet.

She is completing her first official year with the company, but it feels as if she has been here all along. Her positive approach to challenges that come up is refreshing. She truly is an asset to the company and her qualities as an individual lend greatly to her role as our HR representative. As she puts it "I'm a people person!"

Maegan, this maybe your first official year with us but its been a busy one and you have proven that you can handle it. We look forward to all that you will help the team accomplish in the future!


What do you appreciate about FIRST?: " My favorite thing about FIRST is the family atmosphere. You really get a personal relationship with everyone. That makes the work environment enjoyable."

Outside of work what is most important to you?: " I have always been close to my family, making time for family and friends is a priority to me. I'm also excited to be getting married this year and starting my own little family. Animals also hold a special place in my heart. I currently have two pups that add so much to my little family, but who knows, I may have three by the end of 2018!"

What is something about your work that you want to share?: "Being able to observe our employee's from the start grow in their positions, is a neat part of my job."

From the Team!

"She is very professional, and is genuinely nice, caring and considerate. Always ready to help! She has a great attitude." Sylvia Castillo -

"When it comes to organization and communication, Maegan sets the bar! Knowing her high standards, I'm fortunate to be her fiancé. Her creativity and personality is what makes her so unique and I'm excited to see her continue to grow in her role with the company." Mason Creager -

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