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Meet The Team: Kalynn and Jacob Hanna

F.I.R.S.T. is proud to be a "family owned and operated company", but our owner's Roy and Celeste Creager makeup only one of the family duo's. We would like to introduce you to Kalynn and Jacob Hanna. Kalynn has been with us since early 2016 as our Sales Representative in the Port Arthur area. Her husband Jacob has recently joined supporting our training department as an instructor.

Everyone who has had the privilege of working with either Kalynn or Jacob, has always had, nothing but good things to say about them. They are proud parents of a little girl and boy, and they truly makeup a sweet loving family.

Kalynn brings to the table a positive can-do attitude always with a smile, always kind. And Jacob, has proven to be a huge help in the training department, as last minute forklift, or scissor lift training comes up, he always seem's to be able to make room in his schedule to teach those classes. I know our training coordinator appreciates this.

Kalynn, Jacob, we couldn't be more thrilled that you are part of our team. We always hear great things about you two, and we're looking forward to seeing all that you will accomplish in the future. Thanks for being a part of Team F.I.R.S.T.!


What do you appreciate about F.I.R.S.T.?:

Kalynn: "They are a very organized and proactive company. I appreciate how they really listen to their employees ideas and act on them."

Jacob: " The positive and motivating atmosphere FIRST creates."

Outside of work what is important to you?:

Kalynn: " Spending time with our kids and family"

Jacob: "My family"

From The Team

"The Hanna’s, What a beautiful family of four, Jacob, Kalynn, Logan, and Zeke Hanna. Jacob, & Kalynn are both great sales personnel, super parents, and just plain good east Texas people from Lumberton Texas. Think of it this way, they did name their first child Logan and that says enough. We should all be proud to have the Hanna family as a part of our FIRST family. Kalynn as a FIRST employee has proven herself over and over again by bringing many new clients to FIRST and servicing our existing clients. Jacob is an avid hunter, pretty good bass fisherman (took him bass fishing once and he did better than me), and he’s an instructor who has proven himself with FIRST personnel plus numerous clients. If you ever get to personally meet Logan and Zeke you will know where Jacob and Kalynn get all their energy. They are both well-conditioned keeping up with those two kids plus both kids have their inherited their parent’s personalities. Many thanks to the Hanna’s, "- Logan Reininger

"[They are] very respected in the Beaumont area and for good reason. Both are pleasant to speak and work with, and this translates to our customers" - Eric Meyer

"Kalynn & Jacob, talk about a DYNAMIC DUO. I can't say enough about these two. Hardworking, personable, family-oriented; together they are truly the total package. They are a pleasure to work with and I'm really glad they're on our team." - Mason Creager

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