Meet The Team: Josh Hazel

"I've always cared about people, I like talking to people and helping them learn. Those things apply to safety in so many ways."

It's always refreshing to come across someone, that tells you exactly how they feel about things. Josh Hazel, part of our safety team, is one of those people. You can tell when he respects and cares about someone, he does so heartily, and if he happens to disagree with you, you'll probably know that too. Aside from the personal aspect of things, as mentioned in the opening comments, Josh loves safety, because he cares about people.

We usually get an email from Josh at least once a week reminding us of some aspect of safety. Recently we went through some severe weather in Houston, with rain and then blazing heat. I found myself recalling the pointers Josh had sent out, while I was driving in the pouring rain or out in the elements (heat). He commented that another reason why he feels so strongly about Safety, is that is pushes you to continue learning. "You have to keep up with the standards, keep practice, keep growing, and reminding yourself of the rules. If you don't do that you lose it."

Josh we want to thank you for your genuine concern for our welfare. For putting in the work, and reminding us why our job in a safety company, is an important one. We look forward to seeing all the things you will accomplish in the future!


What do you appreciate about F.I.R.S.T.?: "They gave me a chance. They saw my credentials and took a chance. Logan and Weldon have taught me so much and have helped me grow in this industry, they share some of their knowledge from working many years in the industry. I hope to have a good reputation like they do someday, in this field."

Outside of work what is important to you?: "When I'm not working I love to travel. By road, or air. I love Seattle."

From the Team

"He is reliabel, punctual and willing to learn. He has a good sense of judgement. He'll run his idea's by us and usually they're spot on. He's willing to learn if an adjustment needs to be made." -Weldon Glidden

"When FIRST LLC hired Joshua Hazel we did not have any idea what we getting... With that being said “Hazel” as we call him has become a great asset to the FIRST Team. His very first job which started the day after he was hired as a safety technician in the huge town of Medford, Oklahoma (one hotel & restaurant). That job was supposed to only last about 2 – 3 weeks and winded up lasting over 3 months but Hazel hung in there plus the client was happy with his work. Hazel has worked very hard not only learning rescue, but has recently become our corporate safety manager. The one thing that has impressed me the most is the $5.00 haircut that he finally got after months of closing your eyes when he removed his ball cap. FIRST is very lucky to have “hazel” on our team." - Logan Reininger

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