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Meet the Team: Jose Alvares

"I want to be better so that I can help others, I'm driven by work that serves and benefits other people..." - Jose Alvares

The above comments are from today's team member, Jose Alvares, he has been with F.I.R.S.T. for about two years now and is one of our rescue supervisors. He has really made it his goal to be one of the best. His motivation? Our opening comment, he loves to help others.

We hear about people who aren't fulfilled unless they are doing something to help someone else. We all probably strive to have at least a little bit of that quality in our lives. But Jose Alvares, is the real deal. During his interview for this article, he would say, "I don't know how to express, I just want to help people." He thought his words fell short, but I can tell you he had a lot of heart in everything he tried to get across. One thing I noticed when I asked others about Jose, is that everyone said exactly what Jose said about himself, he just wants to help people. It's a great reminder to those who work with and around him, to be a little more self-sacrificing in order to benefit others.

I remember when he was first hired here, he was all smiles then and nothing has changed, when we see him around the office he's still polite and friendly as ever. We want to take this opportunity to thank Jose for all his hard work and good example! Thanks for being a part of Team F.I.R.S.T.!


What do you appreciate about F.I.R.S.T. ?: "I love the fact that I work with people who are honorable. There are good men that work here and I aspire to be like them too. I love the passion people have for helping one another, like the instructors and Mr. Doggett. That's something I believe in, helping one another."

Outside of work, what is most important to you?: "Family, my wife works too, but we make time to plan trips and have small outings. We like to include our children, we want to expose them to different things and help them learn. Our goal is to try to get the whole family involved in volunteer work. I feel they're at the age where they'd appreciate it. But family in general is important, even my extended family is a big part of my life."


"He's attentive and always on time. He would move his schedule around in order to help me. The man doesn't know the word 'No'! He lost quite a bit due to Harvey, but he's still positive. There aren't enough good adjectives to describe him, his heart is as good as gold."

- Weldon Glidden

We talked to Alex Romero, who's related to Jose, and Josh Luna, who has known these guys for a long time. They of coursed laced their comments with jokes and humor, but you could tell they really appreciate their family member and friend.

"Growing up with Jose, he was pretty good at basketball, he was a little CP3. He's a real humble guy, who likes to help others. And probably pays for way too many lunches. He's a polite and respectful person, a family guy who loves his kids. I try not to claim him as family but he's a hard worker. " -Alex Romero

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