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Meet the Team: Joe Fitzpatrick

He was here from the very beginning, Mr. Joseph Fitzpatrick has been a prime example of someone who keeps things moving around here at FIRST.

His official title is Monitor Technician but he does so much more. He recently retired from HFD after 35 years, he has owned a glass blowing company for 10 years, and he even had a comic strip called "Station life". According to him: " I really need to have that creative time in my life or I start feeling antsy." Well Joe we will certainly continue to keep you busy and even creative here at F.I.R.S.T. ( The table in the picture was crafted by Joe)

Thanks for all that you do!


What do you appreciate about F.I.R.S.T. ? " I really appreciate how FIRST stresses training for its employees. Sending qualified rescue personnel into the field is not something we take lightly. [Also] the fire department having been such a huge part of my life, its great having so many HFD personnel around..."

Outside of work what is most important to you? " The love of my family. God in our lives. A welcoming home."

From the Team!

" Is there anything that Joe doesn't do?" Sean Orsack -

" Joe is a talented, dedicated reliable individual! He always has a a smile and has a heart as big as Texas. We are so grateful to have him on our team!! Thanks for all you do Joe!" Celeste Creager -

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