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Meet the Team: JJ McGarry

James J. McGarry, otherwise known as "JJ", has been with the company for 3 years now. He has been with HFD for 28 and a half years and recently has completed PEC Safety training. We keep him busy at FIRST as one of our instructors.

Him being part of the fire department, I always get a kick out of the banter between him and other members of the fire department that work here.

A few JJ Facts: 1. He hates getting his picture taken, 2. He loves bike riding, he said he's been all over the country on his motorcycle. 3. He loves all things hazmat, he really does enjoy teaching this subject. AND 4. Probably the biggest one, he loves his grand-kids, I'm sure JJ is a fun, cool grandpa.

JJ you add a lot to this place, thanks for your good nature and hard work!


What do you appreciate about your work here at FIRST?: " I like to teach people what I've learned to keep me safe. I like to socialize, meet new people and not feel like I'm doing the same thing every week."

Outside of work whats most important to you?: " My grand-kids, its fun being a grandpa."

From the Team

"He's outgoing, he'll give you the shirt off his back. He's helpful and just a good guy."

-Wayland Kelley

Brad jokingly states "Even though its JJ and its hard to believe... he is dedicated, I can always count on him anytime of the day that I may have to call. Our clients like his demeanor and way of teaching, how he puts an effort into making the class fun. He does a great job."

-Brad Hawthorne

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