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Meet The Team: Hayden Fenley

The young man pictured above is about to hit his two year mark with the company. He is one of our rescue technicians, and we'd like you to meet Mr. Hayden Fenley.


"With the activities I enjoy, I thought this line of work would help me in everyday life. I think it's good to know basic life saving skills"


"The company is basically one big family. It doesn't matter your background. Someone is always wanting to help you. There hasn't been a team I've been assigned to, that I dread working with. We all want to work together, have a good time but get the job done. I'd say Robert Yarbrough is one of the main persons' I've looked to for direction. I know he's always available, anytime! Also the veteran supervisors like Lealand, Cantu, Cat, Paul and Ezekiel."

Hayden you represent the future of this company. The supervisors your mentioned in your remarks were once at the start of their career as well, you've picked good examples to follow. We know that you'll keep up the good work, and continue learning all you can from those around you. Thanks for being a part of Team F.I.RS.T.!

What do you appreciate about F.I.R.S.T. ?

"I appreciate how willing everyone is to help. They don't shoot you down. They work with you on area's they see need improvement."

Outside of work what things are important to you?

"Friends and family. We go up to the lake and spend time together meet at the deer lease."

From the Team

"Hayden has been a hard working team player since day one. We are happy to have him on our team!" - Maegan Creager

"Hayden has a lot of potential, he's got a good future in the industry. He's smart and when he gives it his all you can tell he really cares about the job. He's entertaining to work with. I mean that sincerely, he's got a good sense of humor but knows when it's time to work" - Tommy Wooten

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