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Meet the Team: Greg Doggett

We had so much fun getting this profile together. A person could just say today's team members name and a big smile usually follows. Gregory Doggett, Rescue Supervisor, has been with the company for 6 years now. Retired HFD after 30 years.

When Mr. Doggett walks in the room, its smiles all around, he usually greets everyone with a handshake or a hug. I don't believe I've ever seen him not smiling and cracking jokes. So it was interesting to interview his team mates and hear not only their deep respect for this man, but also how serious he is about his job and training his team. Read on and you'll see...


What do you appreciate about FIRST?: " Working with the family..."

Outside of work what is most important to you?: " Family."

From the Team

"He is a team player, he definitely looks out for the team. He takes on his leadership role by making sure he is first aware of the job scope [details]. He is equally concerned about his teams safety as his own. We have an understanding we can be cool, [but] when its go time, its go time." Lealand Kelley -

"Doggett has a saying 'Other people's lives depend on our skills.' My first true mentor was Mr. Doggett. He would say he "molded" his team, but I would say he "drilled us" on a higher standard of operating. He got me where I am today skill wise, and now I am able to mentor others." Jose Alvares -

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