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Meet the Team: Eric Meyer

If you walk into Eric Meyer's office you'd be surrounded by scene's of Hawaii. And at the end of each week, we get the reassurance that we made it by Eric's habit of wearing a Hawaiian shirt every Friday. Further, if you have ever heard him talk about Hawaii its enough to make a person want to hop on a plane and take a trip there ASAP! He has been known to cut a rug with his wife Paula and he even cracks jokes. But usually you'll find Eric hard at work.

Eric Meyer has been with the company for 4 years now, and is our Operations Manager. We have three different branches and there is plenty to oversee. I've often wondered how he keeps up with everything he does. Being in a position of management, it can never be easy to balance the needs of a company and the needs of each individual employee, but Eric makes an earnest effort to do this. He cares about the welfare of the people he manages.

It has been said that he is honest and realistic in his expectations of his teams. Many of our employee's work long, hard hours in the field, in sales, and at the office. Eric Meyer is no different. One of our owners noted "He doesn't ask of others what he hasn't done, or wouldn't be willing to do."

Eric we would like to take this opportunity to recognize all you do and show our appreciation.


What do you appreciate about F.I.R.S.T. ?: "The quality of our people which is the basis for our success. Starting with our training department and how this filters to our rescue, safety fire extinguisher and service departments.

Outside of work, what is most important to you?: "I share in a public ministry with my family, my faith and my family are most important to me."

Any other thoughts? "[There is] never a dull moment at FIRST. We cannot become complacent, [we] need to be vigilant in improving our rescue skills and awareness of any hazards around us. One of the best facets to FIRST is knowing that in doing our job, we are part of making sure people and our customers work-sites remain safe. And if need be, our people can respond safely and quickly in a rescue situation."

From the Team:

"He's a nice guy, a good rescue ops manager. He loves Hawaii! And take pride in the pictures he takes from there." - Robert Cantu

I also spoke with Derica Toussaint, his assistant and she noted and I agree, "He's mild tempered, professional, easy to work with. If I need help with something, as busy as he is, he takes the time to help me. I appreciate that."

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