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Meet the Team: Derica Toussaint

If you were to visit 1013 Center street in Deer Park Texas on most days, you'd probably find a lot of hustle and bustle going on. Teams are coming in from the night shift, teams are going out early for the day shift, employee's are catching up on site specifics, annual training, or putting in hours at the shop. In an environment like that its important to have key people on hand to direct the traffic flow. Mrs Derica Toussaint is one of those people.

She has been with us for a relatively short period of time, almost rounding up her first year with us, but she has made a huge impact. As support to our operations department, she is involved with multiple tasks. The main ones being the review of time and attendance for our rescue teams, and monitoring paperwork for our billing department. Either of which is no small task. She does this well. As you can imagine some days are hectic and full of challenges, but she keeps at it, for the good of her team mates and the company.

When she's not behind the desk sorting out paperwork, she is very much so a "hands on" individual. For example, supporting one of her best friends, who was undergoing cancer treatment, by starting a fundraiser. Or how she also went through a rescue training class, so that if needed, she is able to go out into the field and be part of one of the rescue teams. I remember her practicing knots, and talking with excitement about going through high angle rope rescue training. She's not a sit on the sidelines type of lady.

Derica we would like to thank you for all the hard work you put in. We look forward to all you will accomplish in the future.


What do you appreciate about F.I.R.S.T.?: "I appreciate the fact that FIRST is a family oriented company. I appreciate the fact that Roy Creager kept me in mind, after sending him my resume several times over the past few years. I appreciate the company as a whole for allowing me an opportunity to grow with the company. I certainly appreciate Eric Meyer for trusting me to do a job that's so important to the company."

Outside of work what is most important to you?: "GOD, FAMILY & FRIENDS, I was raised to put GOD first in my life, and everything else will fall into its prospective order. I especially love spending time with my wonderful husband and grandchildren who hold the key to my beating heart. They bring so much joy to my heart and soul."

What is something we should know about your job?: "Something about my job! Well its never borning, and I can honestly say I love waking up and coming to my job here at FIRST. The group of young men and women I work with are spectacular. I love how I'm appreciated by them when I go above and beyond to assist them. My motto is 'Team work makes the dream work!', because we work very well as a team, here at FIRST."

From the Team

"I appreciate Mrs. Derica getting our money right and fussing at us to get our papers correct. She's like our work mom." -James Felder

" She is an awesome person. She takes care of everyone in the office. She's a mama hen and she's cool." - Alex Romero

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