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Meet The Team: Dennis Aldrich

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Artwork Done By Ryan Gibbs

Mr. Aldrich comes from a class of people who still takes pride in a hard days work. He would come in at the end of a shift, find an empty desk, meticulously review his paperwork, share a bit of small talk and then leave with a, "Well, I guess I'm gunna bug out to the dug out." He always has neat little sayings like that. He is a kind individual who takes pride in completing every aspect of his job with precision.

Dennis Aldrich has been been with the company since July of 2012, and has been a mentor to many of our rescue technicians that have worked here. He patiently, has helped train employee's not only in their rescue skills but also in how to fill paperwork out properly. Something that all the admins are truly grateful for! Currently he is working as a COR, but he has worked for many years as a rescue supervisor. It is not uncommon to hear employee's talk about their respect for Mr. Aldrich and what they've learned from him, about life and about the job.

In small talk with Mr. Aldrich you will find he is a man of many interest. You learn he loves his family, loves his horse, is a Denver Broncos fan, and also loves music. He's the quiet patient type that steadies the atmosphere, and an all around great person.

Dennis we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for always going above and beyond to get the job done, all with a smile and good nature. You are valued by many here.


What do you appreciate about F.I.R.S.T.?: "They're a FIRST class company, I enjoy the people here. There's always a challenge of what may happen next, and they prepare for what might arise [in the field]. They have a good training department that prepares for this."

Outside of work what is important to you?: "God, and my family. I enjoy hunting, bird and deer. I like music. I tinkered with working on a 1953 Chevy pickup, it was dark blue. I rebuilt it from the frame up, but passed it off to someone else who would enjoy it. Other than my wife and kids my next best friend is Crocket, my horse. He's good for equine therapy. He doesn't give a lot of advise but he's a good listener."

From the Team

"He's a good supervisor, you can depend on him. He's a sweet kind, older man. He has a big heart for everyone he meets. He's a family man who loves his wife and kids." -Robert Cantu

"What can't be said about Dennis Aldrich? He's a retired Captain with HFD, and has been one great employee at FIRST. He's a dedicated family man that sings, he sounds like George Strait and he's pure country. I have never heard or talked to anyone that had anything but good things to say about Dennis. As an employer I wish I could find a truck load of Dennis's because that would make my job so much easier. I've had many of 'Atta boys' about him not just from clients but employees working for him. Dennis is just one great guy, employee. I personally consider him to be my friend and brother firefighter. Thanks Dennis for being the great person you are." - Logan Reininger

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