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Meet The Team: Claudia Saldana

Darian: (Reads text from Claudia, sighs heavily) "Jose! Claudia in general, you deal with her.Tag your it!"

Jose: (Picks up phone calls Claudia) "Good Morning! What could I possibly do today to make things easier for you?... Claudia I do believe you need your very own PM."

I asked Claudia's supervisors about her, Darian responded "Mr. Heckles from Friends?" Jose added "Mojo Jo Jo" , I said "Oh like Newman from Seinfeld?" If you're not familiar with the references just know it's a classic 'love, hate' relationship. Since we've been writing these articles, Claudia has been one of the main person's that has been consistently requested to be featured. Despite all the banter and heavy sighs that come with receiving one of her text messages, it's obvious that her team and managers care about her.

Thoughts on F.I.R.S.T.

"I love the people that I work with! Everyone here is always willing to help you learn something new. We spend hours together, so trust me when I tell you I hear their life story, and this is how I know I most everyone here is kindhearted, and would help you in a heartbeat. There are so many good people, its impossible to name them all, from the instructors to the supervisors and of course Darian and Jose."

Why Rescue?

"I met Jose Alvares in EMT school. He asked what I wanted to do once I was done. I responded I still was unsure. So him being the person he is brought me lunch and talked to me about F.I.R.S.T., he said 'you will work with different people who have different training backgrounds, you will train with the best. And you will always have people to help you if you need it.' Fast-forward three years later, I can say (and this will hurt me to admit) Jose was right! Knowing that we are ready for a worst case scenario puts us ahead of the game, and trusting the people we work with makes work a lot more comfortable."

Outside of work

"My family is important to me. Everyone who knows me knows I live for my kids. I have two boys a 12 year old and a 5 year old. They are my everything, I honestly rush to go home after work because i cant wait to see my kids!"

From the Team

"She holds her own weight. She's always prompt and on time and has great skill-sets. We appreciate having her on our time." - Logan Reininger

"I just want to say she has a cool jeep..." - Alex Romero

"She's more than capable with her rescue skills. I know she takes the time to talk to and listen to people, she's got a good heart. Her gift is humor. And she loves her kids to death, she makes sure she has time to spend with them." - Jose Alvares

"Claudia is my daily headache, just kidding. Claudia is someone that I always look forward to getting to work with. She makes the day pass with how much fun we have. She is a team player and willing to do what needs to be done to get the job done. I'm 100% confident that I am in good hands when I am on a job with her. I know that if something were to happen she is right there ready to go and knows what she's doing. She is great with clients and with anyone she comes in contact with. Nothing but laughter and good times with her!" - Darian Lariviere

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