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Meet the Team: Cissy Finley

Cissy Finley, affectionately called Farrah Fawcett, for her golden feathered hair, couldn't be better represented than with today's image. She has a love for knowing the mechanics of a car, and an appreciation for bikes, and probably anything else with a motor. If you've seen the joy she has in talking about these things, its nothing compared to her eyes lighting up when she talks about her husband and kids. She truly loves her family.

Now she may not have that same sparkle when it comes to balancing the books but she's good at it. Sitting behind a mound of receipts and making heads or tales of it is enough to drive most people crazy, accounting is not for everyone but Cissy has owned it! I think its safe to say that we all have a mini heart attack when we receive a phone call from her, for fear we forgot to turn in some receipt or expense report. But where would we be without her reminders?

Cissy has a big heart, and a good sense of humor, the place isn't the same when she's not around. We thank you for all the hard work you've put in over the past 4 years, and for your patience with us as we get our receipts turned in! Thanks Cissy for being part of the team.


What do you appreciate about F.I.R.S.T.?: "I appreciate the chance to be employed with FIRST. I have always tried to do my best in whatever I do. My job is very hectic, [but] also rewarding. I work for a Really good company and love what I do."

Outside of work what is most important to you?: "Outside of work... Home is where my heart is. I'm very blessed with and Amazing family whom I adore. I love to cook and clean. Someone's always coming by to see what I have to eat (laughs)... I love it! I keep my faith and try to stay strong, we live in a world that makes that a little tough sometimes. I encourage everyone to be kind to one another, and live every day like it's your last. Stay blessed!"

From The Team:

"Cissy is a very hard worker who is dedicated to her job. We are lucky to have her on our team!" - Maegan Booth

"The Receipt Warden, What a woman! She keeps everybody in line, balances the books, cuts the checks, she's a negotiator extraordinaire, but don't try to negotiate your way out of turning in your receipts! She's an asset to the team." - Logan Reininger

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