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Meet The Team: Charles Harper

A person usually hears Charles Harper coming before he appears. I'll hear Charles in the hallway greeting everyone, and then, there he is in the office asking me how my day is. I give my usual reply and ask him how he's doing and the response is always "Super-Fantastic!" You can't help but smile.

He has been with FIRST as an instructor for a little over a year. In general, he has been instructing for 26 years, he has been working with the Houston Fire Department for 31 years and is also a certified Paramedic. When asked if we could feature him as our next "Meet the Team" member, he gave an aw-shucks answer. Truly he did not want to be in the spotlight. He said "you may not believe this but I am a quiet person." I'm still not too sure about the quiet part, but I fully believe he is a modest, humble person.

When I asked him questions about his job, his work as an instructor and paramedic, you could definitely hear the unmistakable sound of someone who has a passion for what they do. Mr. Harper takes his work seriously and it shows!

Thank you Charles Harper, for always bringing a smile to our faces and for loving the work you do!


What do you appreciate about FIRST?: "Recently we made a call on a cardiac arrest case. The patients co-workers went into action and saved their work-mates life. I had just been at this location as a F.I.R.S.T. instructor. I had just taught this same group of men. The opportunity to go out and make a difference in peoples lives, knowing the things I've done on my job make a difference..."

What is most important to you?: "There is nothing better than loving your family. Nothing more rewarding than to take care of your family and be loved by your family."

From the Team:

"I've worked on jobs with him, he is inspirational and a good guy to have around, he is genuine and passionate about what he teaches. He is an uplifting person, always happy. His joy is contagious! " - Weldon Glidden

"I've known and worked with [Charles] for many years. He is an outstanding a person as he is a paramedic. He is an effective instructor and an outstanding paramedic. He cares deeply about the students he teaches." - Tony Harrison

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