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Meet The Team: Austin Zepeda

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

F.I.R.S.T. is said to be a family owned and operated company. But it is amazing how many have come to work for F.I.R.S.T. because their family member or parent worked here before. That may have been what initially attracted today's team member Austin Zepeda, but he's certainly has held his own, as you'll see.

Originally my dad worked here, when I got out of the academy I wanted to advance in my rescue skills, and I knew FIRST would do that, teach me new things. I've been with the company for 2 years and three months. I like how it feels, like the company is always growing. Also how everyone looks out for one another. If you forget something, you can bet that someone would be willing to help you out! I like how everyone is welcomed here and how we look out for each other.

Austin is one of the most charismatic persons you could meet. It doesn't matter who he's around he usually has the group smiling and laughing. He's a pretty easy going, laid-back sort of guy. You can tell he doesn't take himself too seriously. Which is pretty cool.

" I like to think I'm pretty unique. My mom tells me I'm special. I like to keep an open mind and learn. I can get along with almost anyone.
Both my mom and dad were firefighters, so that's what made me want to go the route of being a full time firefighter. I like how everyday is different, you never know what your going to be called to do. You have to be adaptable. You're showing up to what is essentially someones worst day of life and you're automatically trusted to know how to handle the situation. That means a lot."

Austin that same drive that you have in being a firefighter, we know you share with us here at F.I.R.S.T. and our teams. We want to thank you for being a positive individual, whose put in the work, and really learned his craft. We look forward to seeing all you'll accomplish.

Thoughts on F.I.R.ST.?

"And working at FIRST, well my dad was a big part of the company and that's part of why I wanted to be here as well. Wayland, Brady, and Robert were the main ones who taught me rope rescue. They taught me to fall in love with it. People like Logan and Mason really try to look out for the employee's in the company. And supervisors like Cat, Lealand, Ezekquiel and Cantu they know the job well. When something happens they keep a cool head, they get to work and lead the team."

Outside of work?

"When you're away from home so much you really do miss your family. I like hunting fishing, and going to church. I really am a 'Mama, apple pie, and the girl next door' kinda guy."

From the Team

"Austin is definitely a character on our team! He likes to have a good time, but knows when to take care of business! We were happy to have his dad on our team, and now we are happy to have him on our team as well! - Maegan Creager

"He's good with his stuff. He knows what he's doing. He likes to help. He's a goof ball, likes to play. I don't mind having him on the rescue team we call him ' Super Tech'. -Robert Cantu

From Dad

"Austin is one of those people who has a big heart, a sense of pride and loyalty. If he calls you his friend, you can count on him having your back no matter what.
As a kid he loved to be outdoors, all he wanted to do was run, hunt and fish. He was a great athlete and excelled at whatever he put his mind to. He also was a bit hardheaded. I guess you could call it determined.
He's grown up to be a fine young man, that his mom and I are quite proud of. The entire family for that matter, especially his older sister and brother. I believe he lives by the words that were told to him 'Honesty, courage, honor, and humility' . I think he'll do well..." - John Zepeda
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