Heat illness: Know the Signs

What do your summer plans include? Whether its working in the yard, going to the beach, getting in your exercise or even if you'll be working, we hope you take the time to familiarize yourself with heat sickness symptoms. Because, whatever your plans are we are sure, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke is not on the agenda.

Is it Heat Exhaustion? Look for these Signs

  • Feeling Faint or Dizzy

  • Excessive Sweating

  • Cool, Pale, Clammy Skin

  • Nausea or Vomiting

  • Rapid, or weak pulse

  • Muscle Cramping

Is it Heat Stroke? Look For these Signs

  • Throbbing Headache

  • No Sweating

  • Body Temperature above 103 Degree's

  • Red, Hot, Dry Skin

  • Nausea or Vomiting

  • Rapid, Strong Pulse

  • Even loss of consciousness

What to do?

It's important to keep yourself hydrated as this is one of the main keys to avoiding heat related illness. Drink water, every 15 minutes even if you are not thirsty. Take breaks, find shade and wear breathable clothing. Try to get your outdoor activities around times that are known to be the hottest part of the day, if possible. Keep an eye on others, are you experienced in working in the heat, use that knowledge to help others? If you notice a friend, family member or work-mate displaying some of the above listed signs, speak up! Insist that they cool off, slow down, and hydrate. Seek medical attention of symptoms do not subside.

EMS Supervisor recommends - ' If heatstroke is suspected, the person should be moved to a cooler area, stripped down to undergarments, wet and fanned to produce evaporative cooling immediately. Continue until EMS arrives, don't wait for paramedics to arrive to begin cooling'

What not to do

Do not view resting, or taking water breaks as a sign of weakness. Do not leave children or pets in an unattended vehicle. Do not push through the above listed warning signs of heat illness.

Did you know?: It takes time for the body to acclimate to the heat. If you've been away from the heat for awhile, ease back into your activities. Give your body time to adjust.

We hope that wherever you find yourself this summer that these tips help you stay cool, stay hydrated, and most of all stay safe!

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