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Crisis Management: What's your plan?

Have you ever met someone who was always planning their "escape route" or "plan of action" in the event of an emergency? If the worst should happen, this type of individual has planned on being ready. That is what we want to discuss today, being the person, family or company that has a plan of action.

Where do we start? A good start is communication. Get your team together and sit down to think about a few emergency situations that might occur.

What would you do during, extreme weather conditions, a fire breaking out, or if a hostile person comes on the premises? How will you set off the chain of events that would start a "Lock Down", "Shelter in Place", "Emergency Exit" or any other plan of action.

During your discussion, decide on key people, who would keep a level head, and implement the plan of action. What information would they need to communicate, and how will they communicate this?

Finally, after or even during the event, what will be the procedure for follow-up communication? Employee's will need to be notified that all is safe. Emergency contacts may need to be reached. The fire department, police or paramedics maybe needed. Someone may even need to contact the media. Designate these roles and make sure that a list of these numbers are accessible.

Once you have things figured out, share your plan-of-action with the company, the team, or your family. Its important to practice and review the procedures regularly, and make necessary adjustments as needed.

We don't want to live in fear, and we can't prepare for everything that could go wrong. But we can put our mind more at ease, knowing that those under our care are equipped with a plan "in-case of an emergency".

What are some things your company or family has in place in the event of an emergency? Your idea's may help someone else. We look forward to reading your plans!

More information: OSHA Quick Card: Emergency Exit Routes, A useful Crisis Response Link

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